Why Jute Bag for food packaging?

Jute is one of the oldest materials used for packaging. Back in the old plastic free days, jute bags were used for packaging food grains. The properties of jute such as durability, absorbent and good ventilation prevent damage to any packed products kept in the jute bag. In addition to this, jute bags are biodegradable and do not provide harm to the environment. Jute is also one of the cheapest natural fibers available and ranks second among the most widely used fibers. Using jute bags not only saves the environment but is budget-friendly on your pocket too.

High quality Eco-friendly Jute Bag

ShipMe has always believed in producing only high-quality jute bags. We manufacture and supply an exclusive range of jute bags that varies in colours, designs, and patterns. The fine finishing, durability, quality and attractive designs are sure to attract you to the bags manufactured by us. We are one of the biggest manufacturers of eco-friendly jute bags in the city, catering to the needs of our customers for high-quality natural fiber bags. Our goal is to produce more and more 100% biodegradable bags and contribute to making this planet a better place to live. Out jute bags include shopping bags, pouch bags, fruit bags, messenger bags and many other products.

Ethical Trading Policy

The Ethical Trading Policy relates that the suppliers, retailers and brands take full responsibility for the products they are manufacturing and the working conditions of the employees. The products manufactured should not in any way cause harm to the environment. We at ShipMe follow all the standards and abide by regulations framed by the government. We assure to deliver the products within the standards and abide by the ethical trading policy.